Vector Portraits

Here are my vector portraits. I feel like you could work on these forever! It’s hard to decide when to stop and the possibilities with colour are endless.


This project was challenging but I feel like I learnt a lot and feel much more confident with the tools in illustrator. A challenge I had in particular was creating the details in the eyes, specifically the eyelashes. I also had a hard time seeing the face with just two tones, so It took me a while to decided what to keep/ omit. Once I completed the portrait I had a little fun with the layers. Sometimes you don’t need all the information and just need enough so the viewer can complete the rest with their imagination.


Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. After going through a million colour combinations I think in the end this one is my favourite. I decided to go with primary colours and created a strong contrast by combining a highly saturated yellow and red with a pastel blue.




Event Poster

 Art Battle Poster.jpg

My friends put on a monthly art battle at the Great Hall. The event is a party, a live painting competition, and an awesome way for artist to showcase their work. It includes live music and audience participation.

The design is a mixture of playfulness and intensity, representing the energy of the event itself. I chose a black and white photo with dramatic lighting and wanted to create a strong sense of contrast by combining vibrant colors. My target market are young, creative, designers, artists, musicians, in their 20s. Let’s just say this event is full of Toronto’s downtown Hipster community.


To structure the hierarchy in my design I chose to use the shape of a triangle in order to navigate the viewer’s eye from the main focal point (Art Battle), down to the website where people can search for more info on the event.

I combined two different Typfaces, a serif and a script:

Roboto Slab  in bold/ Regular and Black Jack.


Type Pairing

The fonts I used for my type pairing assignment were Modern Serif Eroded for the Heading, mixed with Lora in Italic for the subheading, as well as the ‘and’ in the heading to give it contrast.

I decided to use a flat, sans-serif typeface like Abel for the body so the focus would be on the heading, and emphasized one of the quotes by using regular Lora.