Vector Portraits

Here are my vector portraits. I feel like you could work on these forever! It’s hard to decide when to stop and the possibilities with colour are endless.


This project was challenging but I feel like I learnt a lot and feel much more confident with the tools in illustrator. A challenge I had in particular was creating the details in the eyes, specifically the eyelashes. I also had a hard time seeing the face with just two tones, so It took me a while to decided what to keep/ omit. Once I completed the portrait I had a little fun with the layers. Sometimes you don’t need all the information and just need enough so the viewer can complete the rest with their imagination.


Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. After going through a million colour combinations I think in the end this one is my favourite. I decided to go with primary colours and created a strong contrast by combining a highly saturated yellow and red with a pastel blue.




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