Composite 1: Ad Campaign

For our first composite project we had to create a three page AD campaign. For my campaign I decided to advertise a service.


Client: Union Pearson Expresss

Magazine: Spacing

Spacing is a magazine about Canadian urbanism. It’s distributed across Canada in all the major cities. It was important for me to choose a magazine that also targeted a market outside of Toronto.

Target Market: My primary demographic would be people between ages 25-45 who live downtown and travel often for both business and pleasure, young metropolitan families, as well as tourists coming in and out of the city. These are people who most likely don’t have a vehicle if they are living downtown.

Campaign Goal:

The UP Express is quick, easy, and reliable. UNION-PEARSON in 25 happy minutes.

The purpose of the campaign is to inform people about its efficiency and to encourage them to choose UP express when traveling to and from the airport.

Design Concept/ Inspiration: I was inspired by old vintage travel posters. I wanted it the campaign to feel nostalgic with a modern edge. The ads were created to look like paintings and the focus is placed on the visual narrative.

Mood Board




As the viewer you are the passenger taking the journey from Union to Pearson station.

  1. AD 1- The viewer is in downtown Toronto at union station.
  2. AD2- they are on the UP express with the Toronto skyline in the distance. They are either going or or coming from the city.
  3. AD3- The viewer is at the Pearson station with a close up of the UP Express.






One thought on “Composite 1: Ad Campaign

  1. Amazing work Steph! I think you did a great job achieving your vision with these ads. Your composition work is incredible and I really like how the second ad turned out.


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